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The Guitar Fabric is specialized in Do it Yourself Guitar kit. We provide high end electric guitar kit and bass guitar kit of various type: Strat, Tele, LP, Rickenbacker, SG, ES, Jag, Dobro and more. You can use our guitar kit custom category to select your guitar body, hardware and neck fretboard. If you are left handy, then you can select a left handed guitar kit. Also we provide several guitar kit which we have already paint in awesome way so that you just have to assemble and play. We also propose everything you need to make your unique design. In particular our guitar paint kit provide everything you need to make the finishing step easy for you and make sure you get the design that you are looking for. Various finish is available: Polyurethane, Nitrocellulose, Waterbase and Tru-oil. For the color you can use color lacquer spray, lacquer can or dye. Finally we also provide very useful material that you will need to build your guitar: copper tape to avoid Electro-Magnetic-Interference, sanding paper set, sample wood and more. If you purchase it along with a guitar kit you will get a best price you will find only in The Guitar Fabric. We do hope you will enjoy to create your unique guitar with us and we are available to help you to make it right!