Paint Set, Nitro Spray - 2 Tones Sunburst


This painting set contains all you need to paint your guitar kit - body and neck - in vintage sunburst with 2 tones by using nitrocellulose spray cans. Many types of sunburst finishes have been developed and graduated, but here are for you to have complete freedom to choose any color of your choice for the edge and the center of the body. Note that this guitar paint kit is a 2 tones sunburst. 

We create this finishing set with aerosol sprays that allow you to paint your guitar kit homogeneously without the need of additional material like a spray gun. So you just need to shake and spray!

When selecting your paint products, some are optionals. We have already preselected for you the optional products that are highly recommended to obtain a nice finish. We invite you to readjust at your convenience based on product description below and in particular to choose yourself the required products, such as colors and varnishes.

* Remind that Nitrocellulose is very toxic and that you will need gloves, respiratory mask as well as a place aerated (open garage close to the exterior). All our finishing kit has been tested by our experts. Finishing guitar products include VAT. Free shipping for a total order >£230 for UK destinations.

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Paint Set, Nitro Spray - 2 Tones Sunburst
Paint Set, Nitro Spray - 2 Tones Sunburst


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    1. Selecting Materials
    The guitar finish materials we propose can be needed if you don’t have it already. Please look to each product individually in the Materials category to understand better the use of each products we propose here:
    - Sanding Paper Set is definitely something you will need (if you don’t have it). During the painting of your guitar you will have to sand your wood several times to make sure to have a smooth and perfect finish.
    - Copper Tape is needed to remove electromagnetic interference and make sure that your pick-up will provide a clean sound without background noise.
    - Sample Wood can be very useful if you purchase a guitar kit with ash or mahogany. It will be exactly the same wood so you can try your finish upfront to make sure you will have it right when doing it on your guitar body and neck.

    2. Wood Preparation
    - For open pore wood such as mahogany or ash, we strongly advised to use a grain filler in particular when using spray can to apply color and varnish. You can choose a colored grain filler that suits more your guitar paint project. The use of a clear sealer is less needed but we still advice ot for perfect and smooth results. It will be applied after grain filler before applying the translucent color.
    - For close pore woods such as maple or basewood, we suggest to use a clear sealer. More varnish coats instead will work as well.

    3. Coloring the Wood
    Two Nitro spray is required to paint the body and get the sunburst effect:
    - 1x spray of the translucent color of your choice is needed for the edge of the body
    - 1x spray of the translucent color of your choice is needed for the center of the body
    Note that you should have some paint left which you can use for the neck (headstock, etc.). Also it is easier to create a Sunburst with a dye darker for the edge than the dye use for the center of the body.

    4. Varnishing Guitar Body & Neck
    A minimum of Two Nitro spray cans is required to vanrish the guitar Neck and the guitar Body.
    - 1x nitrocellulose varnish spray for the guitar body
    - 1x nitrocellulose varnish spray for the guitar neck
    It corresponds to a total of 800mL. Note that you can select matt or gloss finish. Please change the quantity to 1 spray if you desire to varnish only the guitar body.

    5. Polishing the Guitar Body & Neck (Optional)
    To get a super high gloss, a mirror effect, a protective layer and avoid slightly dull finish, we recommend the polishing set. Still you will get already a very good results without it but it will bring your guitar paint to the next level.

    Additional details can be found on each products available in the Guitar Finishing category. Also a complete user guide will be provided when requested by email.

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