We were born in 2014, in Lyon.

Two friends during a night "re-drawing the world" by discussing about how "the made by your own hand” disappear. Around 4pm, they created this idea of homemade guitars, pre-prepared, accessible to all: the first step to build your own guitar with your own two hands .

The two friends, a multi-diploma doctor-engineer and an artist, both passionate by music and guitar instruments build The Guitar Kit Fabric with inventiveness but also in a pragmatic way. Several people, who love, instrument, woods join them over the years and in particular Luthiers partners.


The Guitar Kit Fabric is where creativity and simplicity evolve. We offer easy-to-build DiY guitar kits, DiY bass kits. Level of difficulty is indicated on each kit: from beginners to advanced levels. Our customers are confident in building the kits with our technical guide and our support team available 24/7.

The Guitar Kit Fabric is also where you can simply choose your favourite type of guitars or basses and then tune it at your own home. Our electric guitars and basses are designed by our artists and built by our luthier partners.

And finally, we appreciate your personalised projects that needs to be unique. Our customised DiY guitar kits/ DiY bass kits are also available up on requests. We are here to make your musical projects come true.

There is nothing important to us than your guitar/ bass plays well and sounds perfectly once built. We are ambitious that our kit once built will replace your guitar or your bass. It will not be your decorative objects, but a guitar/ bass who can rock & roll

So we are aware of the importance of quality of our kit:

  • Wood: high quality, well dried at least for 2 years
  • Body-Neck: perfectly-fit and sustained

Our kit hardware set is standard and simple to keep our price reasonable. Hardware set can be replaceable and will not cost a fortune, and more importantly our hardware set gives you a decent start before you would like to add extra features to your guitar.

But the another most important thing as well:

We value nature and our planet. Chez nous, we always consider the impact of our kits production on our ecosystem.

It is clear that we consume more than what the Earth produces. It is vital to us to find a balance and offer back to the Earth what we took from it.

We PLANT a tree after Every purchase on guitar kits/ bass kits/ electric guitars/ electric basses made on our website. We work with our partner to return to the Earth what we are so much given.

We know that planting trees is a little act. And we believe every little helps.

In two words: very diverse.

  • It can be professionals who buy our kit, re-do, build it, perfect it and re-sell it as a high quality complete guitar
  • Or it could be a person who likes wood and starts to lean how to play guitar and in order to understand, or lets say, own a better musical instrument by building their own guitar from our DiY guitar kit.